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The "General Surgery Articles" folder on contains articles related to General Surgery topics.

The "Medical-Dictionary" folder of contains encyclopedic explanations of the medical terms used in our articles.

The “Medical-Dictionary” of is not an ordinary dictionary; it is a tooltip type dictionary. When you hover over a medical term, a tooltip will appear with a short explanation. If you click on the term or the tooltip, you will be directed to the dictionary page that explains the relevant term in detail.

All of the articles on are unique and have not been published elsewhere. Regardless of their type (dictionary term or article), the most important characteristic of writings is that they are easy to understand and contain clear information. Often, related subtopics are briefly explained to facilitate understanding of the subject matter.

Since the images and drawings, flowcharts (guides), and articles all originate from the same source, they all complement one another.

You can easily access the list of our articles from the topbar menu or the homepage. By clicking on the topic headings, you can easily reach the desired article or page.

The scientific information, along with acquired professional experiences, has been compiled and turned into articles.

I dedicate my book "General Surgery" and website "" to my family and students; their unwavering support and encouragement kept me motivated throughout the development of and the writing of the book.


Prof. Dr. Omer Ridvan Tarhan

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